A Cocktail Education

Tutoring for all levels in the art of Cocktails

Making great cocktails isn’t about fancy ingredients or expensive equipment.  It’s definitely not about flipping bottles around or doing tricks.  Instead, it’s about understanding and applying underlying principles of mixology.

The purpose of A Cocktail Education is to teach you to understand those principles.  And then how to apply them to situations ranging from individual home use to professional cocktail bars.  And from informal house parties to grand events.

Even if all you have access to is the contents of a domestic kitchen, with A Cocktail Education you can still make great cocktails!

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Introduction to a Cocktail Education

New to the site?  Here you’ll learn what it’s all about.  Where I’m coming from.  What I hope to achieve.  What you can expect to learn.

The Essential Nature of Cocktails

To learn how to make and create cocktails, first we need to understand what they are.  Their essential nature.  This gives us firm ground upon which to base our cocktail education.

The Axes of Taste

The Axes of Taste are a fundamental Cocktail teaching tool.  I will refer to them over and over.  Best to start your journey with a firm understanding of them.