“A Nice Pear” is merely a quirky and perhaps slightly naughty name for a straightforward cocktail.  It is effectively an apple and pear flavoured Neo-Martini.  This is not an especially complicated inspiration for creating a new cocktail.  But done well it is nevertheless a tasty beverage, and proved quite popular.

It came about as a later addition to the martini menu of the Martini Bar I worked in in London.  We were changing things around and retired other pear flavoured cocktails.  However, with nice, fresh pears still available to the bar it seemed like a waste not to have at least one pear flavoured Neo-Martini on the list.  A little experimentation later, and a new favourite was born.

As for the name, well a cocktail’s name has to stand out.  Calling it an Apple and Pear Martini would have been accurate, but dull.  While the mere delivery of A Nice Pear to a table of ladies resulted in much laughter.  And if a cocktail doesn’t make you feel good, then what is the point of it?


A Nice Pear came about from the ingredients I happened to have available at the Martini Bar I worked for when I created it.  So if you’re trying to recreate it bear this in mind.  You might need to experiment a little to get the same results.

Nice Pear Taste Profile

Nice Pear Flavour Map

I based it on Grey Goose La Poire.  In general I have a pretty low opinion of Grey Goose vodka.  The very idea of a French vodka is somehow wrong.  And, though it is a premium vodka, it is nowhere near the world class quality it often claims in its marketing.  Given the alternatives, I’ve always considered it a rip off at standard prices.

But I have to say that the Grey Goose pear flavoured vodka is the best out there.  It’s absolutely delicious and makes a huge difference to the quality of this cocktail.  Honestly, if you don’t have any, then don’t bother with this cocktail.

The same goes for ripe pears.  Using pear puree or still hard pears just won’t do.  You’ll need a nice, soft ripe pear to pull this off.

I’m a little less particular about the liqueurs used.  In standard Neo-Martini fashion I use two different liqueurs to complement the primary flavour.  In this case one pear liqueur and one apple liqueur.  But unlike for the vodka I’m easy about which ones.  Whatever you have available should do fine.

Nice Pear

A Nice Pear

To finish the whole thing off you’ll need some quality apple juice.  Cloudy or pressed apple juice.  Regular carton juice isn’t good enough here.

A Nice Pear

Since we’re using fresh fruit, you’ll need to shake A Nice Pear.  While you’re at it, you can also shake your nice pair if you like…

So start by muddling a nice cheek of ripe pear into your Boston glass.  Then add one shot Grey Goose La Poire; half a shot Poire William or other pear liqueur; half a shot apple liqueur; and one shot cloudy or pressed apple juice.

Shake hard, then strain into a martini glass or equivalent.  Garnish with a nice slice of pear.

Note that there is no sour citrus element in this Neo-Martini.  The reason for this is that good quality apple juice also takes a slight edge off the sweetness of liqueurs.  Not as effectively as lemon juice, of course.  But since this cocktail should be slightly on the sweet side anyway it is usually enough.  However, if the liqueurs you have available are sweeter than the ones I had you may need to add a little lemon juice to achieve the correct balance.